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Wondering if your child is too young for therapy? The answer is no.


Just as adults receive therapy services, child therapy can only help, not hinder.


Affirmed Healing offers 3 major types of child therapy services: Play, Talk and Family therapy. Through each therapeutic process children are able to feel and engage safely with a therapist while working through their presenting problems. 


Child Therapy unveils a large assortment of life adjustments such as Starting school, Making and keeping friends, Moving transitions, Adoption, Physical illness, Birth of a new sibling, Learning Disabilities and more.

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Pre-teens, Teens, & Young Adults may need to seek therapy when they are unable to cope with various problems in a healthy way.


Therapy will help Adolescents learn effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.


Affirmed Healing offers several interventions for teenagers that will assist them in achieving social and emotional developmental skills. Adolescent issues and concerns include but are not limited to: Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, & Eating Disorders), Defiant Behaviors, Parental Divorce, Teen-Violence, Alcohol and Drug use, Early Pregnancy & Childbirth, Relationship & Friendship issues, Self-esteem skills, LGBTQA+, Body-Image, and Foster care/Adoption adjustments.

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Affirmed Healing offers Parenting Therapy sessions to parents of children and adolescent's that are engaged in therapy treatment.


Parental counseling involves rendering services that are directed towards addressing and resolving various questions and concerns surrounded around child/adolescent mental health issues. This counseling service provides parents with the knowledge, and skills to effectively parent in a supportive and healthy manner.

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